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Ofsted Reports

We are delighted to publish our recent letter from Ofsted and the judgement that we continue to be a  'Good' school (March 2017).


As a 'Good' school we receive a section 8 inspection which is reported as a letter rather than a report.  Please see this letter below.


We are thrilled that the attitudes and conduct of the children shone through the report as well as the ways in which staff and governors all work together to ensure the highest standards for our children.  In addition to this, the way in which our unrelenting approach to safeguarding has been recognised in all aspects of our school makes us enormously proud.


As a school, we continue to strive each day, each week and each term to build on this success and the development points also to ensure that as the bar in education is continually raised, so too are our expectations and the educational experience we offer all of our children.


Mrs Allen