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The purpose of the Parent Council is to ensure that parents have a voice which can be aired positively and constructively to support the school and better the lives of all of the children who attend.

The next Parent Council meeting is at 2.30 on Thursday 9th March.  Items for discussion can be sent to any of the PC representatives : Mrs Rayner, Mrs Agboke, Mrs Sullivan or Mrs Janceski.


The agenda is below.


Parent council feedback from November 25th

  • New parent representatives are: Mrs Agboke (Noah, Gabriel, Rhema and Zeya's mum), Mrs Sullivan (Alfie and Grace's mum), Mrs Rayner (Sebastian's mum) and Mrs Janceski (Lyla's mum). This means that Reception, Yr 1, Yr 3, Yr 4 and Yr 6 are covered but we still need a parent representative for Yr 2 and Yr 5. If you are interested in this then please speak to any of the parent representatives.
  • From January 2017, a parent question and suggestions box will be in the main school foyer. This enables you to express your views even if you are unable to attend the meetings.
  • Discussions were had about school communication. The over riding view was that the school makes good efforts to communicate effectively with parents. Some decisions must and should remain with the school however with outcomes and rationales clearly communicated.
  • Discussions were had about how to ensure that the PC is a vehicle for positive communication and change and that these glad messages should also be the role of the PC.  A regular communication via the HT newsletter of 'what's working well' and 'even better ifs' might be a good way forward.



Parent council feedback from meeting on 2/2/15

The parent council met recently to discuss various items brought to their attention by other parents. The items for discussion included;

  1. Dropping off procedures- It was felt that it would be helpful to children and parents if, when entering the gate, this area could be kept clear to ease congestion
  2. Total Sports– these are used on a term by term basis to cover PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time for teachers. They also offer after school clubs.
  3. Communication- Mrs Holmes endeavours to select text messages which are only relevant to particular classes. There are occasions however where there is a need to send blanket’ texts. Letters are also carefully selected for the relevant classes unless it is a school issue.
  4. Young Voices - There was a hugely positive response about this experience for the children. Parents who attended really enjoyed the show and would urge all parents to attend the next time the school takes part in the event.

Parent Council is an important channel of communication for parents; please do try and attend the next meeting. The dates will be posted in the newsletter.

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