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Achievement for All

Unfortunately the Achievement for All programme went into administration in Autumn 2021 and therefore are no more.  However, the practices and ideas that we took on as a school still run deep in our practice.  We therefore feel that the following information is still relevant to us as a school and we will continue to use the elements that supported our pupils well as we move into the future.  We are very happy that we have been able to retain our AfA coach, Sue Arnold, as a consultant and support in our inward journey.

Over the past six years we have worked hard to apply and embed the principles of the Achievement for All program in our school.


In June 2019 we were award the Achievement for All Quality Award.


Our aim is to ensure all children are supported to achieve their potential, no matter what their circumstances may be.


Some of our children in the program are in receipt of the pupil premium, some of the children have additional needs. Children who's progress has slowed are also invited join the program.


This looks  at the main themes of:

*Leadership for inclusion

*Teaching and learning

*Parent and carer engagement

*Wider outcomes and opportunities


Working with our coach, Mrs Sue Arnold Mrs Thomas has driven the initiative forward and enabled us to reflect and modify the way we support all our children and families.


As a result of the program we now :

For parents:

*Have supported families since our work began.

* Offer termly hour long structured conversations to families.

*Offer yearly transition meetings to share information between class teachers.

*Workshops on reading and phonics led by our Challenge and Inclusion Teaching Assistant.

*Run termly Café Learning sessions ( for all parents to share key initiatives in school). This year we have focused on Phonics and Spelling and co-operative learning behavior.

*Offer termly coffee mornings for families in the program.

*Signposting to workshops led by our local family worker e.g. supporting children with anxiety.

*Send out yearly a communication questionnaire to all families.

*Revision of our website to contain practical tips and videos for how to support children with basic skills. (New April 2020)


For pupils:

*Increased confidence and participation in school life.

*Accelerated progress.

*Individual resource packs for children.

*Weekly reading sessions with a Reading Ambassador.

*Weekly quality  1:1 feedback sessions with their teacher.

*Offered a wider range of extra curricular activities.

*Set up a lunchtime club with a range of fun activities.

*Ensure our pupil groups are well represented by AfA children.

*Introduction of the Apprenticeship Scheme.

*Forest school sessions.



Parent testimonials


‘Academically we are thrilled with XXXXX progress. It is clear that huge amount of time and effort has been put into supporting her to pretty much start from the beginning and cover two years in one’ ,


‘Being informed about XXXXX learning , where he is at, what he struggles with and what he is good at has made talking about school more enjoyable. I know which questions to ask to help him. I have found the printed off sheets very useful’.


‘The extra help in class has helped to make the change e.g. someone to check XXXXX understands what he is doing. XXXXX is happy with all of the help he is receiving and is really enjoying forest school.’


‘The school is open to suggestions and change’.


‘My child enjoys forest school and is very excited about Tuesdays’.


‘My child is more happy and confident this year. My child has made great progress’. 

What the children say:


'When I’m writing and I want to use the word ‘and’ I can look in my pack and find my conjunction word mat and find a better word’.


‘When we do fractions I just get out my fractions wall and it helps me see the fraction better’.


‘When the teacher talks to me about my learning, if I’m not sure I can ask questions and the teacher can show me’.


‘I like playing games with my friends. I am brave in the group…I can play Lego and it is fun’.


'I like the new clubs. I have tried new things'.

'The AfA program has enabled us to re-evaluate our provision for disadvantaged pupils. We are brave to put things in place that benefit a few children. The impact on the children’s progress and confidence has been noticeable, this in turn has motivated parents to continue to participate.

We have made huge progress with most families in the program, but we continue to innovate to ensure everyone has a voice and feels involved. We have already begun to identify new families to join in September. '


Mrs Thomas - previous Head of School (June 2019)

'I am delighted that the AfA programme has achieved so much success in the short time since it was initiated. It has demonstrated the benefits of the staff, parents/carers and children working together to reach to best possible educational outcome for the children. The effort to take some elements of learning outside the normal curriculum has clearly been rewarding. Above all, the AfA programme has made Holme Primary Academy a more inclusive community. I would like to congratulate everyone who has taken part in this iniative.'


Adrian Lawes- Achievement for All link governor (June 2019)

We are currently working towards lead school status as we continue to share our good practice with other schools and settings.