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Foxes - Yr5/6

Welcome to Foxes Class

Welcome to Foxes class. This is the home of the year 5 and 6 children.

Our teacher is Miss Williams.

We are supported in class by Mr. Batty and Mrs. Cattell.

Miss Williams

Welcome back


I hope you have all had a fun filled summer holiday and have managed to find the time to get away whether that be at home or abroad.

We have lots of interesting new learning topics this term and I am sure all of the fabulous foxes are excited to be returning to school to see their friends again and to find out what is in store for the next few weeks.

We are also very excited to welcome the new year 5 into Foxes class and to see the new year 6 in their blue jumpers!





Foxes Class


Autumn Term 2021


Our topics for the first half of the summer term are Baghdad 900CE, the rise of Islam, for history and we shall be looking at maps in geography. We will be reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo – A remarkable tale of survival against all odds, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Pacific and recalling memories of the Second World War.



Our unit this half term is ‘The Human Body’. We shall build on our knowledge and prior learning from last year to develop an even more detailed understanding of how humans develop from an embryo into a foetus inside their mother’s uterus, through all of the human growth and developmental stages to old age. In addition, we shall look at the human reproductive system, the endocrine system and glands within the human body.



In the first half of the autumn term, the children will be looking at writing to inform.  We shall be focusing on diary and letter writing.  We will continue to focus on handwriting and spelling. Our grammar focus will be on clauses. Children will read daily as part of whole class and independent reading. The focus for our reading will be the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Kensuke's Kingdom is a treat for lovers of drama-filled stories. It tells of how a young boy named Michael mysteriously disappears the night before his twelfth birthday. The next morning, Michael finds himself washed up on a beach on a remote island with a bowl of water and some grilled fish next to him.

Our reading continues to focus on the VIPERS skills. The children are always encouraged to apply their inference skills in order to 'read between the lines' and look for the underlying motivations and feelings behind character actions. As ever we thoroughly appreciate and encourage any discussion you can have with your children surrounding their reading. What are they  reading? Can they describe the characters? How do they think certain characters are feeling about a certain situation?

Please can we ask that you encourage your children to read a wide range of materials including both fiction and non fiction and a range of genres, especially within fiction such as historical novels, science fiction and adventure narrative.  



For the first half of the autumn term we shall be focusing, to begin with, on number place value before moving on to the four operations.  This will be the building blocks for the foundations of our future maths learning this year.  I would be grateful if you could also encourage your children to continue to practice their times tables and related division facts up to the 12 times tables.



Our topic title this half term is Baghdad 900CE. As part of this topic, we shall learn all about the ‘Golden Age of Islam’, the creation of Baghdad (the city of peace) and look at the early Islamic civilisation.  We shall learn how the Islamic world was the most culturally and intellectually advanced civilisation of the time.



Our focus for this half term is on maps.  We shall be learning all about the division of maps, lines of latitude and longitude, hemispheres, scales and co-ordinates.  We shall also be looking at the different uses of maps such as relief maps.


Art and D.T

Our focus for this half term is on ‘style’ and ‘technique’.  We shall be evaluating how a piece of art looks, discussing the period of history in which it was produced, which country and which artists produced the work and any particular techniques the artists may have used.  As part of this study, we shall be looking at Rococo design, abstract and modernist pieces of work.  In addition, we also have a visiting artist this half term leading an art project on body positivity.



We are going to be debating the question whether science compliments or conflicts with the Bible’s creation story.  We shall be looking in depth at the creation story, and what this may mean for many Christians throughout the world. Investigating the different interpretations and beliefs that exist, and understanding why many Christians find that science and faith go together.



In this unit, children will participate in developing ground rules for the class and exploring what they mean in practice.  They will also take part in activities to build positive relationships within many environments and to develop their skills of co-operation.  They will explore the range of new situations they or others may find themselves in, and the emotions they or others may experience.



Our indoor PE focus this half term is on dance.  We shall be creating a show dance within groups displaying our understanding of unison, canon and mirroring.

In games with YDP we will be doing all of our activities outdoors so please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for the weather.



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