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Foxes - Yr5/6

Welcome to Foxes Class

Welcome to Foxes class. This is the home of the year 5 and 6 children.

Currently we are taught by Mrs Papandrea ( Mon, Tues, Weds) , Mrs Thomas (Wed)and Mr Batty (Thurs , Fri).

We are supported in class by Mrs Cattell and Mrs Cartwright.

Bee Poems



Our learning from home gallery. 





So lovely to see some of your amazing activities and work so far Foxes. Please keep sending them in! From the top we have:

smileyWV has been creating some more beautiful artwork

smileyWV wrote this brilliant bee poem

smileyBC showing off his new skills in tree felling

smileyJJB has produced this excellent fossil for Science

smileyLW and her brother have been busy making honey cakes for our weekly project

smileyLW and her brother have gained Blue Peter 'green' badges for their suncatchers made of recycled plastic. 

smileyAMG has completed the reading challenge this week to produce a fact file on Shrill Carder bees

smileyLW has produced a fact file on Shrill Carder Bees for the reading challenge

smileyAF helping out indoors by hoovering (one of the helpful jobs on his list.)

smileyAMG had a go at the science activities sent by Mr Batty and managed to capture some blue light. 

smileyBL had fun investigating the effect of exercise on your heart rate

smileyCI has a lockdown positivity jar with lots of things he is looking forward to doing in the future

smileyKW has been taking her dog for long walks which is really healthy and helpful

smileyLC has a keen interest in photography and has taken these beautiful photographs of flowers

smileyLE wrote a super autobiography and described their cuddly cat Henry

smileyND and his Dad made this fantastic feeding table for squirrels

smileyVW drew his relaxing place which is his super looking bedroom

smileyWV's Earth Day artwork

smileyND's amazing climate change poster for Earth Day


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hello and good morning Foxes, I hope you are well. I know some of you started back on your home learning yesterday and others of you will be starting today as Monday was a training day … if you are logging on for the first time today then please do have a look also at my Monday message below to catch you up on the start of this term. 


So today is 67 years since the coronation of Elizabeth II who is our longest reigning monarch. Just think of all the changes that have happened within our society during those 67 years. I wonder what your parents and grandparents could tell you about the different decades in which we have had our current queen. Perhaps you could arrange to ring / Facetime family members and see what memories they have form the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s?


I was born in the 80s and I can tell you that one of my best childhood memories was of a shop called Woolworths. Ask your family members about it and if they remember. Do you know why I liked it? Because they had the most amazing pick and mix section of sweets and chocolate that you have ever seen! (I've put you a couple of photos below.) You could get everything and anything in there, including lots of toys, music, magazines and even clothes. Also being the 80s I was a massive fan of Kylie Minogue who was appearing in a TV show called 'Neighbours' at the time. It was very popular and was on BBC1 then, I think it's still on now but has moved to Channel 5. I also remember that a ticket to the cinema cost £2! A bit different to now. 


It is amazing to see that some people have already been busy on Google Classroom. Well done and thank you very much! Absolutely no problem if you haven't had a look yet. Give it a go or the work is also uploaded at the bottom of this page. 


I hope you are all able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather too. We have some baby birds in the trees bordering our garden now. They are just starting to get brave and have some little flights. Very sweet. Our little cat is also keeping an eye on them although she's too much of a softie to cause any trouble. It's more the case that she likes to steal the bird seed we have put out!


Anyway we are here and ready to help so please do get in touch. 

Take care, 

Mrs Papandrea x


Monday 1st June 2020


Well good morning Foxes! How are you all? I hope you have had a fantastic week off and been getting up to lots of interesting things. I wonder what? 

Can you believe that we are now entering the Summer term, term 6? Albeit not quite the term 6 we had planned but I am going to try very hard to make it a fun and interesting one where we learn lots. In Foxes we are all carrying on as normal with our home learning and I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week. Some of the Reception children and Year 1s will of course be back in school tomorrow so Mr Batty will be doing some work in Year 1 for the time being. He is still very much part of Foxes and going to be seeing what you are all up to and having some time on Google Classroom so please do say hello if he pops a message on there.


I will try very hard to spot any messages on your Google Classroom work as they come through but do feel free to post a message at the top of our Google Classroom page if you think I've not spotted something. I will do my best to mark things as quickly as possible and give you your feedback so thank you very much in advance for all of your upcoming efforts. 


So this week's home learning theme is all linked to the coronation of our current queen, Elizabeth II. The coronation took place on 2nd June 1953 so this will be 67 years ago on Tuesday this week. Wow! I hope you enjoy learning lots about this very special event. The weekly work plan and all of the necessary documents and resources for your different subjects are all uploaded ready for you on Google Classroom and also at the bottom of this website page. If you have any trouble or questions then please do email or send a message. I am really excited about the English writing task this week and wish I was having the chance to do it with you all in person. Have a careful look at the weekly work plan as it explains exactly what to do and how to use the resources. Super looking forward to seeing your ideas. 


Maths is split so you can either do the activities linked to the White Rose videos or there are 'alternate' maths activities for each year group. You must do which you feel comfortable with. Again this is all explained on your weekly work plan. Please don't get worried or fret about anything, we are here to help!


At the top of our class gallery you will see some work which I was sent by WV. He has been busy working on some new artwork - I am sure you will be super impressed to see his boots sketch. I also loved his bee poem. WV put a note at the bottom to say that he did have a bit of help with his poem. Great! This is absolutely fine and as ever we are super grateful to any adults or brothers and sisters who are taking the time to help you at the moment. Make sure you keep saying a big thank you!


Now our half term. Well we started with a very Spiderman themed 4th birthday for Luca on the Monday, (I've put you a couple of photos below to have a look atsmiley.) He was a very lucky boy with lots of lovely cards and some good fun presents. Eric and Luca are very much into the little green army men figures you can get (think Toy Story) so we have bases and army camps being built all over the house still. I do get a bit told off when I don't know my grenades from my missiles but I am trying! Other than that we have been out for some scoots (with me running behind to keep upblush) and lots of puzzles and games. Of course the lovely sunshine means we have spent a lot of time out in the garden - what about you? I wonder if any of you have taken up any new hobbies or interests during this time? I know we have some upcoming bakers, artists, footballers and BMX stars!


Well Foxes I shall let you have a look at the weekly work plan now and talk with your adults about what and when this will work for you. Please do get in touch if you need any help, have any questions or just want to say hello, you make Mr Batty and I's day when you do. 


Take care, 

Mrs Papandrea x


AMG's 'family strengths' tree.










Homework will be sent home every Friday and should be returned by Wednesday. For P.E. we would advise children to bring indoor and outdoor P.E. kit (including trainers) to be prepared for any weather, bringing their kit in on a Monday and taking it home on a Friday.  Regular P.E. sessions with a coach are on Wednesdays and the additional P.E. will vary.



1.6 English - please read the weekly work plan for details and instructions. Here are the resources you need.

1.6 Reading. Please see weekly work plan for explanation and details of this week's challenge.

18.5 Weekly project - please see the weekly work plan for details and explanation

Children working at home


At the bottom of this page you will find various documents that will be useful activities for children who are unfortunately unable to attend school.  These include the spelling lists for the whole of key stage 2 (children need to be familiar with both lists), as well as reading bingo and a poem for them to learn and recite aloud.  There is also a list of various websites offering free resources for children to access.


Regular, varied reading is the most important activity and we would encourage parents and other carers to ask their children to discuss what they are reading.  Times-table work is also valuable; including division facts (e.g. 72 divided by 8 is 9), and wider derived facts (e.g. 0.8 times 9 is 7.2) for those who feel their times-table knowledge is secure.


A wide variety of spelling activities are available on spelling shed; the children all have logins for this, please contact the school if you have lost yours.


The year 6s also have access to where they can attempts SATs style grammar tests.  All tests that were previously set for homework have been made available, along with some shorter activities around particular aspects of grammar and punctuation.  Again email the school if you have lost your login details.


Spring Term 2020


Currently our theme is 'Time Travellers'. We have been reading Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll.



Our unit this term is Properties and changes of materials.  We are looking at the scientific properties of common materials and how that makes them useful to us.  We will also look at  every-day changes and reactions and discovering that some changes are irreversible.



This half term, the children will be looking at writing to discuss, writing their pieces to present both sides of an argument. We intend to focus our end of unit Hot Write on the arguments for and against removing artefacts from the sites at which they are found (such as Tutankhamun's tomb.) We will continue to focus on handwriting and spelling. Children will read daily as part of whole class and independent reading. Our reading continues to focus on the VIPERS skills discussed at the previous assertive mentoring meetings. The children are always encouraged to apply their inference skills in order to 'read between the lines' and look for the underlying motivations and feelings behind character actions. As ever we thoroughly appreciate and encourage any discussion you can have with your children surrounding their reading. What are they  reading? Can they describe the characters? How do they think certain characters are feeling about a certain situation?

Please can we ask that you encourage your children to read a wide range of materials including both fiction and non fiction and a range of genres, especially within fiction such as historical novels, science fiction and adventure narrative. We have covered newspapers recently so any discussion of newspaper articles could focus on the use of formal / informal language and identifying the different features of newspaper articles. 



This half term, children will focus on developing and securing their methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will also look at he properties of two and three dimensional shapes. A fun home activity could be to explore the nets of various packaging such as to undo a cereal box and discuss the number of edges, vertices and what the children notice about the angles. Children have established the difference between regular and irregular polygons and have tried calculating the interior angles of regular polygons. Year 6s will also be learning about ratio, proportion and algebra whilst Year 5 think about co-ordinates and reflection.



The children will learn about life in Ancient Egypt: their beliefs and customs (such as mummification).  They will go on to look at modern day Egypt, with a focus on its tourism.



The children will continue their work on Discovery Coding, going on to program simple games.



The children are learning a very special song to sing for their adults. This involves some solo and duet singing as well as discussing timing and rhythm. We will be talking about performance and how to project our voices. 


Art and D.T

Linked to our Time Travellers topic we have been exploring ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and thinking about the different designs and symbolism. We will be designing a sarcophagus fit for an Egyptian pharaoh and modelling this out of clay using different techniques. 



We are thinking about the topic of Incarnation and the symbolism of the trinity. We will be looking for evidence of this in different pieces of artwork as well as in Christian pop music and hymns. We will also be partaking inn Bishop Stephen's Lent challenge where we consider his key question, 'God's creation, a gift or a loan?' We will be joining in Christian Aid's 'Letters of Creation' project to find ways of expressing our ideas and feelings to world leaders concerning the issue of climate change. 


prayer card template

Ely Cathedral Day February 2020