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Foxes - Yr5/6

Welcome to Foxes Class

Welcome to Foxes class. This is the home of the year 5 and 6 children.

Our teacher is Miss Williams.

We are supported in class by Mr. Batty and Mrs. Cattell.

Miss Williams

Welcome back, we have made it to Summer 2021!


I hope you have all had a fun filled Easter holiday and that the Easter bunny has been extremely generous with all of the eggs that it has brought for you all.

We have lots of interesting new learning topics this term and I am sure all of the fabulous foxes are excited this time to be returning to school to see their friends again and to find out what is in store for the next few weeks.





Foxes Class


Summer Term 2021


Our topics for the first half of the summer term are World War II and the Holocaust for history and we shall be looking at Africa in geography. We will be reading 'Journey to Jo'burg' by  Beverley Naidoo – A story of love, commitment and the human spirit set against the background of South Africa’s apartheid and 'Goodnight Mister Tom' by Michelle Magorian – a gripping tale of a child evacuee set during World War II.



Our unit this half term is ‘light up your world’. We shall build on our knowledge from LKS2 to develop a more detailed understanding of mirrors and the reflections that they form and apply this understanding to make a periscope. We shall explain the formation of shadows and how their size and shape can be affected.  We shall explore refraction in a number of contexts and investigate how white light is made up of many colours of light.



In the first half of the summer term, the children will be looking at writing to entertain.  We shall be focusing on poetry and adventure narratives.  We will continue to focus on handwriting and spelling. Children will read daily as part of whole class and independent reading. The focus for our reading will be the books ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo – A story of love, commitment and the human spirit set against the background of South Africa’s apartheid; and ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian – a gripping tale of a child evacuee set during World War II.

Our reading continues to focus on the VIPERS skills. The children are always encouraged to apply their inference skills in order to 'read between the lines' and look for the underlying motivations and feelings behind character actions. As ever we thoroughly appreciate and encourage any discussion you can have with your children surrounding their reading. What are they  reading? Can they describe the characters? How do they think certain characters are feeling about a certain situation?

Please can we ask that you encourage your children to read a wide range of materials including both fiction and non fiction and a range of genres, especially within fiction such as historical novels, science fiction and adventure narrative.  



For the first half of the summer term we shall be focusing, to begin with, on conversion of measures and perimeter, area and volume for year 6 and decimals for year 5. Following on from this we will be moving on to geometry – property of shape for both years 5 and 6.  I would be grateful if you could also encourage your children to continue to practice their times tables and related division facts up to the 12 times tables.



Our topic title this half term is World War II and the Holocaust. As part of the second part of this topic, we shall learn all about the vital work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz and all of the important work that took place on the Home Front.  We shall also sensitively investigate details of the Holocaust.  



Our focus for this half term is on Africa.  We shall be looking at the continent as a whole, focusing on post civilisation, empires, the Sahara Desert and desertification and food security before taking a closer look at Kenya.


Art and D.T

Our focus for this half term is on the impressionist and post-impressionist artists such as Renoir, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, among others.  We shall also investigate the effect of the Japanese influence of the time.



We are going to be learning about Buddhism. We shall be looking at the religions origins and the main beliefs of Buddhists. We shall find out who Siddartha Gautama is and why he is so significant, what the four noble truths about Buddhism are, what the Buddhist 8 fold plan is and we shall be able to recognise some important symbols in the Buddhist faith.



In this unit, children will be developing an age appropriate understanding of inclusion and equality, taking account of race, ethnicity, religion, culture and language, different abilities, gender, sexual orientation and age, within the school and the local community.



For the first half of the summer term we shall be continuing with our topic on home life. This includes all aspects of home life such where we live, address, type of property, location and surroundings, who we live with, family members and friends and what pets we may have, if any.  Finally, we shall be learning how to describe our families and pets. (Watch out parents and carers!)



During this half term, we shall focus our musical learning on the creation of soundscapes.  We shall be paying particular attention to the use of tempo, timbre and pitch.  Including looking at the relationship between melody and harmony.



In games with YDP we will be doing all of our activities outdoors so please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for the weather.



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