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Governors' Zone

The Governors are a well informed and committed group who work as a team to support the school. The Governing Body act as a critical friend to the school, by providing support and constructive challenge.


We are a group of volunteers who work closely with Mrs Allen in a wide range of roles within the School, both on a day to day basis and also looking at the longer term plans for the School.

We meet, in school, twice a term as a Full Governing Body. We also meet regularly as smaller committees, looking in greater depth at matters of finance, strategic development and personnel. These committees feedback to the Full Governing Body but may also have tasks delegated to them by the Governing Body.


The Governing Body has important duties with a focus on helping to decide the school's strategy for improvement so that our pupils learn and achieve the highest standards. We help to set, and keep under review, the School Development Plan within which the head teacher and staff run the school. The Governing Body work as a whole, without individual agendas.


In all our work, the Governing Body focuses on the key issues of:

Leadership & Management, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour, Safety & Inclusion and Establishing a distinctive church Ethos.


Governors are always happy to be contacted and to hear the views of parents and children. Many Governors can be found each day in the School playground collecting their children. Governors can also be contacted via the School Office.


Governors responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of a Governor are to:

• Know and support the aims of the school, its mission statement and ensure that these are achieved

• Determine the overall direction and development of the school through good governance and clear strategic planning

• Promote and develop the school in order for it to grow

• Act in the best interest of the school

• Maintain sound financial management of the school's resources

• Maintain absolute confidentiality about all sensitive/confidential information received in the course of governors' responsibilities to the school, and to accord with the conflicts of interest policy

• Contribute his or her expertise to the discussions of the Governing Body


The degree of commitment required of a Governor is to:

• Attend as many meetings and school events as possible

• Be prepared to put in sufficient time to visit the school periodically and to study reports 

• Attend training courses



If you are interested in becoming a Governor, either as a parent, a member of Holme village community or via the Church, then do speak to Mrs Allen or any member of the Governing Body in the first instance.