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Our church, our community

Our prayer for the week:


Wk.beg 30th March 2020


In these uncertain times, a week in to quarantine for many, there are a whole range of feelings and emotions to experience. We are all out of our regular routines and comfort zones and so it is easy to get bothered by concerns or worries which would not usually affect us. This is a real test of our strength and will of course help to shape our characters. However it is also important to embrace the fact that things are uncertain, we are all allowed to feel a little worried at times and therefore should be kind to ourselves with regards to how we may be feeling.

Prayer for patience and understanding

Dear Lord, please help us,

We lay before you our tiredness and ask for new energy to embrace this new week ahead,
We lay before you any frustrations we may experience and ask for more patience,
We lay before you any sources of conflict and ask for peace.
We lay before you our worries and ask for inspired understanding.

We lay before you our fears and seek to find support in our friends and family, whether they are indoors with us or available over the phone

We trust in you Lord and seek to take comfort in your wisdom

Thank you,



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We are linked to St Giles is the church at the centre of Holme village which is  a stone’s throw from our front door! Our vicar is the Reverand Becky Dyball and our Lay Preacher is Barbara Lawes.


The school has a long and wonderful history with the church and we work closely together during the year on a variety of events across the Christian calendar.  In accordance with the principles of the Church of England, our school promotes Christian values such as honesty, forgiveness and truth through all that we do.  These values together with our ethos of working hard, inclusiveness, equal opportunities and striving for your goals, creating an environment in which each child and adult is valued for their contribution in our school community.



As a church school, our relationship with St Giles is hugely important as we jointly work together to develop and nurture Christian values amongst the children and provide a truly distinctive church ethos.