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Our Prayers

Prayer from one of our pupils. 


We are very proud to display a prayer that has been sent in one from one of our Fantastic pupils in Foxes class. Well done KW!


Dear God,
Thankyou for keeping us safe.
Please help us to remain hopeful at this worrying time.
Help us understand what is happening. 

This week sees the start of the Summer Term 6. Although this is not the usual set of circumstances in which we consider the weeks ahead, we can still look forward to working together and adapting to any changes that may happen. Some of our children will be returning to school and others will continue to work from home. This week's prayer allows us to pause for a minute and consider just how proud we should feel of our school and wider community. 


Prayer for the Wb 1st June 2020


Dear God, 


Help us to be brave as we enter the new term ahead

Some of us are doing this from home and others are coming back into school

Give us all the optimism and hope that we need

As we look forward to meeting new challenges and developing our skills


Help us to remember just how resilient we are

And to continue to show our determination 

Even when times may be uncertain or unusual

We are strong in our unity


Help us to focus on our tasks

To seek help when we need it

To appreciate the support of our family

And to know how important we are to our friends and teachers


Help us to think of our school community

Still pulling together from near or far

Let us be thankful in our reflections

As we think of our small but mighty school