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Our School Prospectus

We are delighted that you are either considering choosing our school for your child or have made that decision already. Choosing a school can be a difficult decision and so we hope that the information you find in this prospectus is useful and helpful.


Schools constantly change and so the finer details of who's who and what's what may alter from time to time but the main bulk of the information will remain unchanged. If you have a question that the prospectus does not answer, please do call the school office on 01487 830342 or send an email to who will be happy to help.


Many thanks

Mrs King, Mrs Ferrara and the Governors of Holme C of E Primary Academy




Here are some testimonials from parents

From a new family (June 2018)
A whole term has passed now since she started at Holme and I wanted to let you know that at home we feel like we have a different child....... she is far more willing to try new things, not just academically but personally. She hasn't had a single headache or bad stomach since starting at Holme....We were very aware that when she joined the school she was considerably below 'where she should be' and for any school taking a child on at that level it just adds more pressure to the teachers, so we wanted to thank you for putting so much in place within a short time....We realise that she is still at the start of her journey in making progress at Holme, if you know of ways that we can support her further please let us know, whilst she is willing we will gladly do what we can!!

We really appreciate the hard work that you both put in, it can be a thankless task with parents at times..... But having seen a different side to the way children can learn and can regain the love of learning.... we want you to know that whatever magic technique it is you use, it has certainly started to work.


On KS1 SATs (June 2018)

I forgot to pass on how amazingly Miss Perkins handled the sat tests with the children, he wasn’t phased and even said he enjoyed them, which is all down to how school prepared the children so thank you......(Yr 2 parent)



Reward Day (May 2017)

"..I just wanted to take a second to thank you, all of the staff and FOHS volunteers for a fabulous day last Friday. The reward day was such a great event that was loved by children and parents alike. It would have no doubt taken alot of time and energy to organise.....what a great way to let the children celebrate their achievements. It was a real treat."

(Reception parents)


A selection of comments left on our 'pop up' board during the day

"Great day. Great fun. Great school!"

"Thanks for such a wonderful day. Lots of fun - such a treat!"

"AMAZING! Thankyou so much. This was special."

"Lovely to be able to spend time with Toby at school. Great day."

"Lovely school with fantastic children. Thanks for having us." (Urban Safari, visitors for the day)

"Loved everything!"

"Brilliant idea - absolutely loved it, thankyou."



Young Voices (January 2017)

"Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in The Young Voices trip, we had a great time! Such an amazing experience for the children, Holly is sad that it is her last one, and Fearne is already excited about the next one! So, thanks for all your hard work and giving the children the opportunity to experience Young Voices."  

(Mrs Starr)


A huge thank you to Mrs Allen, Mrs Cook, Mrs Southwell and Mr Batty for taking our children to Birmingham for Young Voices yesterday. What an incredible experience it was for them (and us!) I had heard good reports from previous years but it exceeded my expectations by a mile. I realise that it was a very long day for you all but I am very grateful that you made it happen.

(Mrs Lunan)

It was really nice spending time in your school, such creative, and very well behaved, lovely young people. There is some real artistic talent with your pupils and some very bright thinking. I also really enjoyed your hospitable and engaging team and generally very happy to have been involved. Lunch was very good, thank you and I hope that I will be there for the installation of your Tree of Hope and Possibility.  With respect, Andy Manning, artist

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how our daughter is getting on at her secondary school. We have just received her second progress report with some very positive comments. As you know I was quite anxious about her starting secondary but I am pleased to say she is settling well. With As and Bs for effort and behaviour I don't think we could ask for more. With this outcome, we are certain that Holme Primary was the right move for us for her in Yr 5 and feel that you have contributed to her good attitude to learning. 

Many thanks, previous Yr 6 parents

(February 2016)