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Raising a concern

Although we work very hard as a school, there are times when you may wish to raise a question or concern.  So that we can deal with this in the most effective way, we have a protocol which we would ask that all parents follow.


1. If the issue is regarding a Teaching and Learning aspect of your child's provision, please arrange to meet with the right class teacher by contacting the school office either by telephone or email stating your specific query, giving a reasonable time for the teacher to respond given their teaching commitments. We will commit to responding within 24hours. It is not appropriate to discuss these issues on the playground as the teacher will not have the time to engage in a full conversation as they will be supervising their class.  We ask that you respect the professionalism and wellbeing of the staff in this respect. If the issue is regarding Safeguarding, then please ask to speak to Mrs King who is the designated personnel for Safeguarding.


2. After meeting with the class teacher, please allow a reasonable time for your issue to be resolved. It may be that the teacher wishes to speak to a colleague, your child or other children.


3. If, after point 1 and 2, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the school office and request a meeting with the Assistant Head of School  Mrs Ferrara.

 It may not be possible to see Mrs Ferrara the same day and an appointment will not be offered, unless points 1-2 have been carried out.


5. If, after speaking with the Head of School, you remain unsatisfied, then please follow the school's complaints procedure which can be viewed on the policies page of this website (use the internal link below) or a paper copy obtained from the school office.


In accordance with our Holme School Agreement, we would ask that all interactions with the school are positive, respectful and polite, recognising the professionalism and dedication of the staff.  We will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse or aggression.


We are a happy school, striving to create a positive climate for children and families.


We also have a committed group of  Governors who are happy to discuss anything with you. Please feel free to contact Jonathan Papworth or Iain Fairlie, dad to Cleo and Arran.