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COVID-19 Information

This page is dedicated to the information regarding the re-opening of the school and further guidance/information.  Please check regularly for updates.

Revised Risk Assessment 01.10.2020

Please enter the playground through the Rainbow gate. Remember to socially distance from other families.

Wait with your grown-up until your adult comes out onto the playground.

When the whistle goes, line up on the green dots on the snake.



Parents- please only come to the office in emergencies. Email or telephone us.

In each classroom children have their own 'work station'. This contains all the equipment they will need and will be used by them only. This is also where the children keep their water bottle and hand sanitizer.

We have trained the children to stop at the striped tape and check its free to continue

Each Bubble has their own set of toilets. Only one child at a time is allowed in this area.

Classrooms, corridors and toilets are cleaned three times a day.

In the staffroom there are more rules about cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take my child out of school for the day?

A. The government and school are encouraging children to attend school for the days that we are open. Please arrange events and trips for Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.



Q. Why is my child allowed a water bottle in school but not a packed lunch box?

A. The guidance recommends we limit the objects that are brought into school and the objects we send home from school.

In the case of water bottles, we have allowed these in school as they pose considerably less risk than the children accessing the water fountain. Most children bring their own flip top bottle which is easier for the younger children to use than a traditional screw top plastic bottle.
Regarding packed lunches, we have asked that these are in a disposable container, so these can be thrown away and not returned home. Some families have been using paper bags to transport their children's lunches to school.
We are waiting to hear from parents as to whether there is enough demand to allow us to provide packed lunches via our kitchen.


Q. Does my child need to bring their bookbag into school?

A. No. Your child will need to bring only their lunch ( in a disposable bag or container) , a named water bottle and a bottle of named hand sanitizer to school. No other items will be allowed in school.


Q. I don't have any hand sanitizer. Does that mean my child can't come back to school?

A. Ideally we would like all children to have their supply of hand sanitizer. This reduces the risk of close contact and cross contamination. Do check in Aldi and Tesco, staff have seen small containers available here. We do have a supply of hand sanitizer for children to share in each Bubble.


Q.The adults leading my child's Bubble are not who I was expecting. Can my child move Bubble?

A. My original intention was to place all Year 1 children in the  Year 1 Bubble in Owls class. However,the demand for places in the Year 1 Bubble were more than the risk assessed capacity of the room. Therefore, the Year 1 children who are currently in Hedgehogs have been  given a place in the Hedgehog Bubble.



The adults available to work have been deployed according to their experiences. Mrs Dee is an experienced Teaching Assistant and has excellent phonic knowledge. Phonics and reading will form the majority of your child's education for the remainder of this year. Mrs Lunan is familiar to your child and has the first-aid qualification required for the younger pupils in our school.


The work for the Hedgehog Bubble will be planned and resourced by Miss Heron. She will be setting work from the Year 1 curriculum for your child.

Both the Hedgehog and Owl Bubbles are currently full.



Q. My child will be in the keyworker group. Does my child have to attend school 5 days a week?

A. No- your child can access school as many days in a week as needed. We do ask that you let Mrs Holmes know which days will be required the week before.


Q. My child's school shoes don't fit. What do I do?

A. Given that we only have a few weeks left at school before the Summer and that many shoe fitting outlets are closed, children may wear other footwear/ trainers to school. Please try to avoid bright coloured items if possible.