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Religious Education


What our children say about RE in our school... 



Do you feel that your RE lessons give you a good understanding of Christianity?

We get to look at the writing in the Bible and see what it means (KS1 child)

We learn about God and Jesus (KS1 child)

We look at what Christians believe, traditions and festivals. (KS2 child)

.I like it when we have the opportunity to do something artistic.(KS2 child)


Are you able to explain the Holy Trinity to me?

It’s God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit (KS1 child)

God created the World and he sent Jesus to earth (KS1 child)

After the crucifixion, the disciples hid. A flame came to them, the Holy Spirit, so they knew that Jesus was still with them (KS1 child)



“I like RE because it teaches people how to tolerate other faiths and it makes sure that you don’t bully them.” (Yr 6)


“It is not like Maths and Literacy. Faith is a colourful thing and its good to learn about it because some people might not have learnt about others and have not learnt how to tolerate others.  You learn how to be tolerant. I have learnt to be more reflective.” (Yr5)


“ I think it’s a good opportunity for us as children to learn about different faiths when we are younger so that when we are older we know that we need to tolerate others.  It’s also cool to reflect on the similarities between faiths; some have more similarities than you might think!” (Yr 6)


“We learnt new things; for me it’s calming. I like to know things about other religions. I have learnt to be more understanding of others and this has made me a better person.” (Yr 6)


“RE makes me think about knowing how Jesus died on the cross to save us.” (Yr 1)


“It makes me think about God – this makes me happy” (Yr 1)


“ I like RE because I like hearing about the other places of worship; they have differences and similarities. ” (Yr 1)


“It makes me want to be more tolerant and think about British Values. I normally think about Democracy and Tolerance; these are the main ones for me.” (Yr 2)


“RE makes me think that you should be more kind to others so they do it back. I believe what I believe even more” (Yr 2)


As a Church school, the teaching and learning of RE is incredibly important and is given a high profile in our curriculum. During the Autumn and Spring terms we follow the Understanding Christianity scheme of work. We aim to ensure that children develop their own thinking and understanding of Christianity as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. Pupils explore the key theological concepts within Christianity as part of developing their wider religious, theological and cultural literacy.


During the Summer terms children learn about other faiths. Children explore key beliefs and are encouraged to make links and comparisons between other faiths and Christianity and reflect on what we can learn from the beliefs and practices of all faiths. 


Please find below the curriculum map for RE across the school.


During 'Faith Week' the children experienced a range of visits and visitors. 


Squirrel class were curious to learn about meditation from a buddhist nun and were fascinated when they explored the Torah. 


David Hare, a Buddhist author, visited Yr 5/6