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Squirrels - Yr3/4


Welcome to the class page for the Squirrels!

We are a mixed Year 3 and Year 4 Class. Our teacher is called Miss Williams


Thursday 16th July 2020


Morning all smiley


What am I like? Sorry everyone that I am late again this morning, I have been moving books for the current year 4 into Foxes class this morning, so that when you all come back to school in September their books are in Foxes ready for them to take home.  Of course the year 3 books will remain in Squirrels as you will all be the year 4s next year wink.

Only two more days to go!!!! laugh

How are you all getting on with your reflections this week?  Thank you to those of your who have emailed me your letters, and just a reminder to those who haven't sent them yet they need to be sent today or tomorrow morning in order to give Mrs Holmes the time to forward them on to your teachers for next year! smiley

I have really enjoyed reading the letters which I have received so far from everyone and it has been wonderful hearing about some of the things you have been enjoying doing in your free time.


I hope you all have a fabulous day today laugh


Speak tomorrow,


Miss Williams x


Wednesday 15th July 2020


Good morning Squirrels smiley


Firstly this morning I must apologise for the tardiness of my morning message.  Do you know what tardiness means?  Can you make a sensible guess and then look it up in a dictionary to check? wink

This morning I was really busy tidying up in the Squirrels class as the new Squirrels teacher Miss Weeks is coming into school on Friday to start getting your classroom ready for next year. smiley  Super exciting!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday and are looking forward to the start of your well earned summer holidays.  

Yesterday, I was really lucky to see some of my lovely Squirrels.  I saw GW, AM, FP and DP, it was great and put a smile on my face for the whole day! wink


Anyway I am sure you would all like to know the final midweek leader board for this school year!

On Prodigy the top players this week so far are SRL, GW and BT.  Fantastic work guys! smiley

The Spelling shed leader board has, at the moment, Squirrels years 3 and 4 holding the top spots; however we are being closely followed by Owls year 2!!  Great work Squirrels.......let's go out of this year in top spot!! smiley

The top players on Spelling Shed for years 3 and 4 are: JP, IS and BT for year 3 and GW, JH and BM for year 4.  Great work everyone, well done! smiley


I hope you all have a really great Wednesday and after today only two days left!!!!! wink

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Williams x





Tuesday 14th July 2020


Good morning Squirrels,


How are you all this morning?  I hope you had a good day yesterday and enjoyed having the chance to take stock, pause and reflect on some of the things which you have achieved this year. wink

In the Rainbow bubble, we have been doing just that and yesterday we created some beautiful memory trees and wish jars which represented all of the amazing things that have happened over the last 17 weeks and all of the wonderful things we are looking forward to in the future.

I would love to see some of the activities you are choosing to have a go at this week, so don't forget to share. smiley

Thank you everyone for sharing your great work so far. smiley I have added some more pictures and documents to our class page so if you get a moment then scroll down to have a look.  There is some great Andy Goldsworthy inspired pebble sculptures by DS, why don't you take a look? wink

I also took a sneaky peek at the Prodigy and Spelling Shed websites last night, well done everyone, keep up the great work!!  I will post the midweek leader board results tomorrow. laugh

I hope you all have a really great day smiley


Speak again tomorrow,


Miss Williams x


Monday 13th July 2020


Good morning Squirrels smiley


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to the last week of the school year laugh

This week I thought it would be nice to reflect upon our year, taking the time to think about all of our achievements, the positives, the challenges we have overcome, the things we have found particularly tricky and our future goals and aspirations moving forwards.  It certainly has been a very strange year! wink

All of our weekly activities are linked to 'reflection' and I would like you to take the time to really think and be honest with yourselves when completing each of the tasks......don't rush!  I am looking forward to seeing your letters, memory trees, wish jars, etc.smiley

Also this week I would like you to read/listen to the final two chapters of The Wind in the Willows.  I hope you have enjoyed dipping into the watery world of Toad, Ratty and Mole. wink

I hope you all have a really great day today.

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Williams x


Suggestions for weekly activities week commencing Monday 13th July 2020

Maths work week commencing Monday 13th July 2020

BM reflection balloons

DS Andy Goldsworthy inspired pebble art

OV his Jurassic World Park complete with models

Bella video 1.mp4

Still image for this video

AM PowerPoint presentation all about school

Still image for this video

BM as a character witness for Toad

Still image for this video

BM Persuasive Speech

OV Andy Goldsworthy inspired dinosaur sculptures

DP's Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculpture for his Jurassic World Park

JH T-Rex bones sculpture

GW and LW underwater Lego world

Still image for this video

LJ Persuasive speech

Still image for this video

Where else would you expect to find one of the Squirrels at Holme School? ( Shhhh!! Don't tell Mrs Thomas!)

Thank you card from JP

Owen wanted to share that he was in the Daily Mirror newspaper.
His nanny kept reading about famous people such as David Beckham building the LEGO football stadium and decided she would write in about Owen building his so quickly. They called her straight away and featured it in lockdown stories.
He was very surprised to see it as she didn’t tell him she was doing it!

Lucy and George are very proud to have received Blue Peter green badges for their suncatchers they made from recycled plastic bottles. 

They wanted to share with you and their classmates.

We created our Rainbow Bubble TikTok dance

Rainbow Bubble Sporting Challenges for National Schools Sports Week

OV TEAM Poster challenge

Snorkeling Challenge for National Schools Sports Week

GW National Schools Sports Week challenges

Still image for this video

George 2.mp4

Still image for this video

George 3.mp4

Still image for this video

DP History of the Union Jack challenge

JH History of the Union Jack

BM Fantastic PowerPoint on the Victorians

JH amazing biography on Charles Dickens.

DP fantastic Mole and Rat character profiles. GW great Charles Dickens biography.

GW How to make cookies, ingredients and instructions

BM lovely biography on Kenneth Grahame and JH fantastic PowerPoint on the Yellow River

Bella's Diary

Spelling and reading tasks- please also use your individual Spelling Shed logins for year group spelling assignments and your Prodigy maths logins for year group specific maths assignments

smileyTC created wonderful artwork of Farcet windmill

smileyJH getting fit doing daily Gonoodle and Cosmic yoga

smileyMR enjoying making models and baking

smileyJP created detailed artwork of a dragon and cuddling his cat 'Blu'

smileyJP enjoying making cupcakes.....yummy!

smileyAL created a model of his dog and painted it beautifully

smileyLD enjoying time outdoors in the lovely weather

smileyBM designed a fantastic and informative poster all about our carbon footprint

smileyAL created an amazing Lego Eco house (check out the Eco features)

smileyBT sharing some of the activities she has been doing whilst at home

smileyNP built a Hot Rod Racer

smileyMiss W chalk art at school

smileyJP enjoying the view on his daily walk

smileyOV has been busy creating this model of the Man U stadium

smileyNP enjoying his daily exercise and making friends with the wildlife

smileyGW having fun making a homemade pinata, having a foot spa, making his own juice bar and playing family games in the garden

smileyDP showing his amazing mountains project and sharing some of his favourite toys

smileyLD and her cats, Tilly and Cleo; her poster entry for the NHS competition and enjoying lots of fabulous activities such as playing in the woods, making lunch and doing some work, of course!

smileyTC wrote a beautiful poem to the NHS

smileyDS created his own amazing Pokemon cards and characters

smileyAL wrote a lovely kenning about his dog 'Lincoln' and had fun building dens

smileyGW completing a boat building challenge with LW, mum and dad.

smileyLJ doing a spot of DIY, enjoying practicing her piano, going on a bike ride for her daily exercise, playing hopscotch and toasting some delicious marshmallows.

smileyNP working super hard on his spellings

smileyMR learning all about different medals, trying out mum's new stethoscope and making flags for the VE Day celebrations on Friday.

smileyAL fantastic artwork of a medal

smileyGW wrote a beautiful VE Day poem

smileyVR with his blue eggs

smileyVR wrote me a super poem

smileyVR enjoying a delicious and massive ice cream

smileyED designed her VE Day poster

smileyAL funny VE Day poem

smileyOV building a very fiddly Man Utd Lego badge

smileyOV completing his tackling tables with the help of Betsy his cat

smileyAS camping indoors

smileyAS being arty and crafty

smileyNW erecting a tent ready for VE Day

smileyNW creating some lovely artwork for VE Day

smileyNW enjoying the sunshine and the VE Day celebrations

smileyAS making delicious waffles with her sister

smileyAS Keeping up with her exercise during lock down

smileyAS doing some cooking

smileyAS lovely piece of writing about the Alps

smileyBM VE Day kenning

smileyBM Guided reading on 'The Man Who Bought A Mountain'

smileyBM climbing Mount Everest diary

smileyBM learning Morse Code

smileyBM and brother BM gas mask boxes

smileyBM house all decorated and ready for VE Day celebrations

smileyBM bunting up and ready!

smileyBM Creating a bright and cheerful VE Day poster

smileyDelicious shortbread parcels BM made and delivered to neighbours

smileyBM showing off her new hairstyle from the era.

smileyBM all dressed up as an evacuee

smileyBM's VE Day poster

smileyJH made a delicious cake for the VE Day celebrations

smileyJH outside celebrating with flags and posters

smileyDS a collage of pictures with them getting prepared for their VE Day celebration

smileyDS baking a VE Day celebration cake

smileyDS VE Day menu and all of the decorations are up ready......let's party!!

smileyAM's cat not impressed with the paper fish we made.

smileyMR made an amazing Lego nurse 

smileyGW decorated the outside of their house with bunting and posters

smileyGW and his sister made delicious cakes

smileyGW designed his own VE day poster

smileyGW designed some special bunting for VE day

smileyGW house all decorated ready for the celebrations

smileyGW created an International Nurses Day Lego super Lego hospital complete with A&E department, ambulance, operating rooms, ICU and nurses.

smileyGW's beautiful nurses poem

smileyED beautifully written poem about mountains

smileyDP amazing artwork of a medal

smileyDP baked a delicious cake for VE day

smileyDP getting creative in the kitchen

smileyDP designed colourful bunting for VE day

smileyDP decorating the garden ready for the celebrations

smileyGW humorous diary entry Wednesday 13th May- day 49 of lock down

smileyAL built a Lego train

smileyLD drawing Waldorf flowers

smileyMiss Williams, MR and R rainbow paper chain

smileyLD created a beautiful Waldorf flower

smileyOV amazing work on mountains including a poem.

smileyDP hilarious limerick about a man named Dylan!

smileyAL was inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai and spent 3 hours creating his very own masterpiece

smileyBM had a super treat, a pampering spa day!

smileyBM and her brother were painting pebbles and added them to the Yaxley pebble snake to cheer people up

smileyNW composed a Water Cycle Rap

smileyAL wrote an acrostic poem

smileyAL a funny Limerick

smileyAL completed a tricky puzzle

smileyAL enjoying some crafting activities

smileyJP, his cat 'Blu' and his amazing cat tower which he helped build

smileyED fantastic water saving poster

smileyLD enjoying making and completing a treasure hunt

smileyBM some lovely pressed flowers

smileyTC enjoyed some fun days out during the half term holiday

smileyAL designed a built his own boat, it even floats!

smileyAL amazing river painting

smileyLJ watching the second orbit of Space X with her mum

smileyLJ enjoying a bike ride with dad and pet dog

smileyLJ getting busy in the garden planting and tending to the veggie patch

smileyLJ first socially distanced play date at Burghley House

smileyLJ VE day celebrations in her beautiful dress and we love dad's hat of course!

smileyJH great pencil sketch of the Queen

smileyBM really interesting and informative -The Royal family tree

smileyJH Beautiful piece of writing about her inspirational person

smileyAL lego portrait

smileyAL Fantastic poster about Space X

smileyEW Made a beautiful 3D model of her bedroom

smileyEW and her brother have been enjoying some really long bike rides in the lovely weather

smileyEW cooking dinner for the family

smileyEW made yorkshires with her dad and this one looks like a butterfly!

smileyEW and FW built a den

smileyEW growing veggies and looking after her plants

smileyEW made delicious lemon cheesecakes with her mum

smileyEW made omelette, yummy!

smileyEW is a pro at making her own scones

smileyGW has also been baking and made these delicious biscuits

smileyMR wrote a lovely biography about Kenneth Grahame the author of 'The Wind in the Willows'

smileyMR chilling on the sofa with his furry friend

smileyMR great fact file on Ayrton Senna, his inspirational person

smileyMR pencil drawing of a mountain

smileyAL poem about a polluted river

smileyGW made truffles with his sister

smileyGW enjoying a game of golf

smileyJH Constable style artwork

smileyOV mountains and rivers inspired Minecraft

smileyJP picture of a stag watching the moon rise over Loch Lomond from his hometown of Scotland

smileyJP his cat Blu lying in the sink waiting for his bath!

smileyAL created his Mr Ratty character

smileyJH sent the Rainbow Bubble a lovely message

smileyDS designed a beautiful butterfly to help decorate the prayer space

smileyJP wrote a cool football acrostic poem

smileyLJ enjoying reading her Harry Potter books

smileyLJ following a super special Harry Potter challenge

smileySRL helping mummy with a bug hunt and being filmed for a TV programme.

smileyJH challenged her brother to learn to roller skate as part of National Schools Sports Week.........JH won!

smileyOV and his sister took part in numerous fun activities throughout National Schools Sports Week

smileyBM taking on a netball challenge practising for when she is a member of a new club team.

smileyBM enjoying a sunny family day out at Grafham Water

smileyGW  Delicious Dinosaur Diner menu

smileyJH In 2018 visited the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland in Florida

smileyJH Rex's Restaurant menu if you are ravenous!

smileyAS designed and built a model of a triangle prism

smileyGW created a sculpture of a dinosaur from tin foil and paint 

smileyJH Fibonacci inspired artwork of a fossil from the Prehistoric period

smileyGW Jurassic World Park map

smileyDP Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures for the Jurassic World Park

smileyLJ Persuasive speech planning

smileyBM made delicious chocolate lollies

smileyBM exciting visit from a family member in a very large lorry

smileyGW Dinosaur park drawing including giant dinosaur footprints

smileyTC Why I like Banksy and my Banksy inspired artwork

smileyDP detailed Jurassic World Park map

smileyEW making lots of meatballs

smileyEW has been growing her own vegetables in the garden.  Here is a selection of pictures showing her corn, peas and other veggies!

smileyJH Why I like Banksy and my Banksy inspired artwork

smileyGW Why I like Andy Warhol and my Andy Warhol inspired artwork

smileySB Banksy inspired artwork

smileyLD Banksy inspired artwork

smileyGW invented some super scary dinosaur species

smileyJH Banksy bank note art challenge

smileyBM feeding the ducks with her brother

smileyJH otherwise known as the cleaning fairy


Squirrels' Picture Gallery

GW and LW enjoying the sunshine this week in the pool

Still image for this video

EW learning how to do a cartwheel

Still image for this video

JH Limerick about Ed Sheeran

Still image for this video

TC Limerick about Teddy the cat

Still image for this video

AM cooking tea for her family

Still image for this video

AS keeping up with her Gymnastic training in a different way

Still image for this video

VR made a rocket and pulley rocket launcher........we have lift off!

Still image for this video

GW boat building challenge

Still image for this video

LJ on Sky News

Still image for this video

DS playing the piano

Still image for this video

Meet the horses. Biscuit

Still image for this video

Lou Lou

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

While there is nobody there......

Still image for this video


This will be as practical as possible and linking to the work undertaken in class. Homework will be given out on Fridays and collected in on Wednesdays.

Parents can help with homework tasks, but please leave feedback in books to let us know of any particular difficulties or activities you enjoyed.

I have included spellings for each child should you wish to work on these as part of home learning and if you would like a copy of the tackling tables sheet that your child is currently working on then please just ask. 

Please make sure homework is well presented and reflects your child’s full understanding. Home school communication books must be in school each day so records of reading can be written in.



Information for Spring Term

Spring Term 2020

This terms topic is 'Anglo-Saxons'.



History/ Geography

Throughout the whole of the Spring term, we will be delving into history and studying at first the Anglo-Saxons followed the Vikings. We shall gain a detailed understanding of the impact they both had on Britain, the settlements, culture, beliefs and religion. 



For the first part of the Spring term, we will be finishing our study of historical narratives and ending the topic by writing our own stories based around the eruption of Mount Versuvius and the devastation of Pompeii during Roman times. Following on from this, we will be taking a closer look at persuasion.  As part of this topic, we will be working on apostrophes for possession.  We shall then move on to myths and legends, once again practicing our character and scene setting writing skills.



For the first half of the Spring term, we will be concentrating on becoming confident in our chosen methods of multiplication and division.  Following on from this, we shall be learning about length, perimeter and area. Finally, in the second half of the term we shall move on to fractions before finishing with the measurement of mass and capacity for the year 3 cohort and decimals for the year 4.




For the first half of the term, we shall be looking at the properties of solids, liquids and gases as part of our topic 'States of Matter'.  For the second half of the term, we shall move on to the topic 'Where does all that food go?' This includes a study of the human skeleton, teeth and digestion.



This term, we will be using 'Scratch' to learn how to program our own interactive stories, games and animations.


Art and Design

This term, as part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, we shall be learning the craft of weaving just like the Anglo-Saxons would have done.



In games with YDP, we will be doing indoor hockey. In indoor PE, we will be doing dance, recreating the battles between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.



The topic we shall be looking into and studying is conflict.  We shall be looking at what can cause conflicts and the different types of conflicts that we might all experience in life. The emotions that might be experienced as a consequence, methods and strategies to cope and then finally resolution of conflicts and moving on. 



We will be looking at the Gospels.  We will gain an understanding of the Gospels as being biographies about the life of Jesus written by different authors and from each authors opinions of events.






Trip to Hammerton Zoo as part of the 'Predators' topic.

Wellbeing week January 2019

'Urban Pioneers'

Squirrels class trip to the Peterborough Museum and the Cathedral Visitors Centre.

December 2018

Stibbington rivers day March 2018.

Our Greek day.

Our visit to The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

prayer card template