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The Apprenticeship Scheme

The Apprenticeships Scheme


Originally devised by our friends at Hartford Junior School, the Apprenticeships Scheme allows our older children to experience a wide range of careers and  job opportunities.



Key outcomes for the year.

  • Children have an improved understanding of the wider world, of work, opportunities and experiences.
  • Children develop a greater sense of self-belief and self-efficacy.
  • Children develop understanding that education is building a path to their future.
  • Children have led the learning and organisation.
  • Children have had opportunities to develop group work skills in mixed age groups.
  • Stronger sense of school community and belonging (citizenship)
  • Children will have improved speaking and listening skills.


Each group is based around a ‘skill set’. It will be made up of children from both Squirrel and Fox class. The sessions will be led by a member of staff. There are roughly 8-9 children per group.

Sessions will take place in the afternoons, ideally twice a half-term.

The apprenticeship group are a ‘council’ with their specific focus in mind- looking at the school and wider opportunities for their focus.




The Science and Technology Team


This team is led by Mr Batty, a secondary science teacher.



The first thing we did was meet a forensic scientist and asked her different questions on her job such as: uniform, crimes and equipment. She was from Lincolnshire police and studied history at university- she got her job through Peterborough police.

 After that we experimented with indigestion tablets and vinegar as acid and found out that breaking the tablet into small pieces gives a better result than a full tablet; we did this interesting experiment outside in our KS2 learning area.




The Justice and Law Team


This team is led by Mrs Thomas.


This year we have met a forensic scientist and a police officer. In our sessions we have asked many probing questions and found out about the different activities these professionals do every day.

The Music and Theatre Team


This team is led by Miss Williams, our resident musician.


We have learnt to play some songs using musical instruments. We have watched some musical tutorials and have listened to music by different artists.

We met YDPs DJ Jamaal and made a rap to the tune of 'Never forget you' the subject of the song was about the the environment to save the world and help others.

The day was about opening our eyes to different careers we could take and subjects at university when we are older so we don’t go without a job.

The Sport and Health Team


Today for our Sports and Health Apprenticeship session, we started the day outside on the field with Jones from the YDP. Here we played Cat and Mouse and then performed some boxercise activities. After, we played two games: Head Catch and then Finch. Finally, we played Reaction Catch.


Later in the morning, we switched to health and focused on achieving Level 1 of the qualification criteria. The group spent some time researching different types of jobs in the health industry and then thought carefully about the qualifications that are required. We realised that children need to make choices as early as Year 8 when they choose their options for GCSE’s.

The Travel and Tourism team


This team is led by Mrs Cattell.


We enjoyed dressing us based on our team. We have learnt about all the different continents and the animals on them. We wrote fact files about animals. We want to learn more about jobs linked to travel.

The Land Management Team


This team is led by Mr Cardell, our caretaker.


The children have enjoyed tidying the garden and setting new plants.