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The Learning Detectives

At our school we firmly believe that it is not only the skills and knowledge that children should be taught but also the right learning behaviour to enable them to become Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful learners who build and use Relationships with others to help them learn.


These four 'Rs' are taught explicitly throughout the curriculum with all of the essential vocabulary and core skills. Each term focuses on a different 'R' and there are themed assemblies and rewards to incentivise the children.


When teaching and learning, teachers remind and reward children for demonstrating good Learning Behaviour and children are expected to display good learning habits.


For more information, please do read some of the presentations which have been shared with staff and children.

Recent comments from our last Learning Walk.


On learning behaviour - Learning Detectives Walk with Headteacher

Children were looking at their coloured lollypop sticks to make good choices about their learning (Recption)

Children were talking to their partners to problem solve and support each other (Year 1)

Children were all engaged in their learning and had a good positive attitude towards their work and didn't give up (Year 4)

Looking at 'things' on the walls to help them with their learning like the map (Year 6)