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The School Council

The School Council has an important role in our school. It ensures that all pupils have the opportunity to have a say in the running of our school. The School Council  is made of  a group of elected  representatives from each class.

At the beginning of each year, we spend  a few weeks working with the children making sure they understand the responsibilities and skills required to be a  class representative. Children are encouraged to prepare posters or speeches to explain to their classmates why they should be chosen.

On 'election day' , the library becomes our polling station and the children are invited to mark their ballot papers secretly. The votes are counted and the child with the most votes from each year group is elected.



Currently our School Council is made of:


  Guy is the Year 1 representative.

Charlotte is the Year 2 representative. 

Luna is the Year 3 representative.

Bobby is the Year 4 representative.

Elie is the Year 5 representative.

Alexa and Noah P are the Year 6 representatives.


These children meet with Mrs Ferrara at the School Council to discuss the school, considering how they can make the learning experience better for everyone.

The class representatives share the minutes from the School Council back to their classes and hold a Class Council to discuss matters further.



So far this year the School Council have :

  • Interviewed prospective teachers as part of the overall selection day.
  • Selected outdoor equipment for our FoHS to fundraise for.
  • Helped to plan Wellbeing Week.
  • Met with the Governing Body to talk about their roles and what we feel about our school.
  • Organised a bright ideas box for all to contribute to.

Pupil Voice:

The views of the children are very important to us and we regularly ask their opinion on all sorts of different  aspects of school life such as:

  • Collective Worship
  • ethos and values
  • playtimes
  • marking and feedback
  • teaching and learning
  • reading
  • targets and next steps
    We do this in several ways:
  • in school council
  • in class council
  • in class groups
  • in small groups
  • with Governors
    Although we cannot publish everything they say as there is simply not enough space (!), here are a few soundbites from these discussions over the past months
    What the children say
    This school has a lot of history and it's a small school but a very nice play to be.
    We are a church school, our faith helps us to make better choices.
    You know everyone here. There is always someone here for you.
    I am happy here because it is small, you know everybody and it is special.
    Our teachers have many experiences and are kind and fun. We learn new things every day, in each subject. We  enjoy our topics, we particularly enjoy Art and practical tasks. We get a good education here.
    You get to have a lot of responsibilities such as  being a member of the School Council, A Reading Ambassador, House Captain, Vice Captain , Learning Detective and a Junior Travel Ambassador.
    I have nice memories of being here.