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The wellbeing of all of our whole school community is important to us.

We have a range of systems in place to support both children and adults in our school:


*Yearly wellbeing week- looking at strategies for relaxation and calming

*Weekly PSHE sessions

*Weekly circle time sessions- modeling conflict resolution and problem solving

*Worry box in each classroom

*Whole school collective worships about dealing with worries, asking for help, being a good Samaritan

*Weekly check ins with children

*Lunchtime clubs

*Access to our prayer space


Mrs King is the Mental Health Lead and also a Mental Health First Aider for both children and adults in our school.




Here are some resources to help support Mental Health Week.

There are also two links to two useful websites for families with children working at home.

Here is an information book about the Coronavirus created for children.

Holme School Wellbeing Ideas

Dear Parents,

Here are some suggestions for activities, apps and websites focused on caring for the well-being of your children and yourselves during these uncertain times.

We all acknowledge the fantastic little minds our children have and recognise that this also means they may be picking up on the tensions and anxieties that are currently affecting many of us. Although the idea of being off school may sound initially appealing, we fully recognise that it also means the children are not seeing their friends and are out of their usual routine. This may well lead to instances of frustration and anxiety which we would like to reassure you would be quite normal and expected under these circumstances.

Our children will thoroughly appreciate any time that is spent with them in the coming weeks and by no means do we expect you to be spending all of this time on structured academic activities, especially if this is a source of conflict. Please don’t worry about your child regressing in school as all children are in the same boat and they will all be ok. When we are all back together in the classroom, staff will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the children are set back on a steady course.

In the meantime here are some suggestions for wider activities which you may find useful to help balance your children’s time and work in harmony alongside the learning packs and website resources provided.

Play board games and focus on praising turn taking and resilience. Teach older children the rules so that they can facilitate games with younger siblings.

Baking – perhaps you could have a weekly ‘Bake Off’ and award Star Baker. The fun will of course be in the taste tests.

Read a book as a family, can everyone take turns in reading a section? Children could then be encouraged to dramatise a section of the book to perform for you.

Suggest children build themselves a reading corner or den indoors where they can go for some quiet time, to reflect or to read to themselves.





Create an obstacle course in the garden and invite children to invent their own versions.

Gardening. Perhaps plant some flower or vegetable seeds and document their growth over the coming weeks.

Plan healthy snacks for the day and gather them together in a little basket at the start of each day so your children know what they can have and can start to manage their own timings. 

Smiling Mind is an app providing short audio sessions to help with mindfulness

Go Noodle – You Tube (More videos on their won website)

Lots of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos


Premier League Stars has videos and activities rto support with Maths, Literacy, PSHE and PE


Create a compost heap outdoors


“PE with Joe” is an initiative by ‘Body Coach Joe wicks to provide daily PE sessions at 9am. These can be accessed via his You Tube channel.

Cosmic Yoga – You Tube has yoga videos designed for children ages 3+


BBC Supermovers has interactive videos to support with Maths, Literacy, PE and PSHE learning. Great for times tables as well as videos that are ‘just for fun.’


Newsround has a website and daily broadcasts to help keep children up to date with the world around them


Let children develop their own system of recycling in your home – is this something they could now be in charge of?